Here's What Students Are Saying...

"I have to let you know that the HCT course I have just recently completed was one of the best 'investments' I've made in my own personal growth and evolution. It far exceeded my expectations in all areas, the coaching, the marketing and the business knowledge. I feel this program's value is as great as any associate degree college program and the support during the course and on a continuing basis puts Health Coach Training over the top as a reputable coaching program graduating only extremely competent and well qualified coaches. Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to attend this great program!"

-- Erin D, Walden, NY -R.N., Director of Health Services (HC54)

"When I started my business I soon realized that I wanted to do more than sell just products, I wanted to help people attain goals that would positively impact their health and their lives. In 2006 after extensively researching many coach training programs, I decided to commit to the Health Coach Training Program because of the breadth and depth that the program offered, and I was not disappointed! After the first 3 months, I was able to start coaching clients for a nominal fee and continued to gain coaching experience throughout the program's 12 month curriculum. Before graduating, I had set up my business and had several paying clients, as well as a solid foundation in coaching so that I could feel confident with what I was doing. HCT also provided me with a solid introduction into marketing and entrepreneurship. I am now a Certified Health and Life Coach. I often see other programs that are offered, and network with many other coaching professionals; however I have yet to find a program as complete and in depth as the HCT Program. Even in today's economic climate I am able to continue to procure clients due to the expert training that I received at HCT. I highly recommend this program!"

--Anke J, Fitchburg, WI (HC3)

"Taking this program has very literally transformed my life in so many personal and extraordinary ways. This course is so very diverse in what you are taught, and the amazing amount of support you will receive from your instructor, as well as your classmates. I found the programme covers pretty much everything from A-Z you will need to know to become a coach and begin your practice. You will have a great foundation to create any type of coaching career you so choose, or as a complimentary skill set to any existing career you may be working in currently. Anytime I had questions, concerns, fears, etc--I could always turn to my instructor or my classmates for support or reassurance, which has been invaluable to me. The support continues even when your class ends, it's truly awesome. The value and benefit of this class to you and your endeavors is WAY beyond the cost. It was money VERY well spent."

--Denise L, Marana, AZ (HC57)

"I enjoyed The HealthCoachTraining Program! My favorite part was the Selling By Attraction. Learning how to ask basic qualifying questions has helped me tremendously by saving time for people who really want to enjoy my services. Hilton Johnson is a genius in designing such an all inclusive program of not only learning to be a health coach but to market our program too. Thanks Hilton for sharing your marketing skills and creativity!"

--Cynthia A, Manchester, NH (HC60)

"I joined the HCT Program because I have always had an interest in health. I got my doctorate in Psychology and Behavioral Medicine from the U of MN. I ran an Eating Disorders and Weight Management group. I have a psychology practice and also a successful coaching practice. I have completed several accredited coaching programs and I have taught coaching for one of them. I am a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Yes, I have a lot of coach training and experience already but I wanted to be part of HCT for several reasons. First, there are so many weekend coach training programs where people come out of them saying they are a coach. HCT is not like that, HCT is an excellent, comprehensive coach training program that teaches coaching skills and marketing skills. Also, it has wonderful software so you can coach 'one to many' and that allows a coach to maximize the number of clients that can be coached successfully. Also, as classmates we bring to HCT a warm community of like-minded, health-conscious people who share common goals and support each other."

--Dr. Lynn N, Excelsior, MN (HC74)

"I REALLY appreciate the value of our class content. It is rare to train for a skill or craft and have it accompanied by such savoir faire at the marketing level. You ROCK!"

--Linda D, Leavenworth, WA (HC61)

"My health coach training allows me to give my greatest service to mankind and to myself. Why do I say that? Because HCT has given me tools to help change lives, and as I use these tools for my clients, it also helps me to stay on track and optimize my own health as well. As I network with coaches from other schools, I realize that the high level of training, and accountability expected from us as students, gives our graduates the upper hand in the world of professional health coaching, and we can stand up with the best of them. I truly believe that HCT indeed has the most innovative, comprehensive coaching program in the nation. You guys are just the best! I believe the world will be a healthier and more productive place because of what HCT has given to us and we will give back to the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

--Debra C, Alexandria, VA (HC53)

"Just wanted to let you know that one of my clients has renewed her coaching program with me beyond the 4 month period and one of the reasons she gave for doing so is because she did not want to lose access to the HCU website. Kudos to the company for having such a user friendly, interactive and resource laden site and for helping to make my job easier as a coach and nutritionist!"

--Kathleen C., Blenheim, ON, Canada (HC67)

"As a Remedial Massage Therapist, I would see the same people over and over with the same issues over and over. Learning how to be a Health Coach has enabled me to help my clients learn how to help themselves so that when they come to see me as a Massage Therapist we can move forward in their treatment. My one pearl was the business aspect of this course. I have worked many years self-employed but have never considered myself as a business person. The knowledge I have gleaned about running a business has strengthened me so that I will no longer be constantly running myself down while trying to help others. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making this knowledge available to others."

--Jan S, Grandview, MB, Canada (HC60)

"Just want to say how helpful Jerry's class was on Social Media Marketing and how easy he made it seem to take those baby steps to get going in using social media tools. It was a revealing learning experience for me. And perhaps unexpectedly, he reinforced how we, the coach, are the brand. Thanks again Kim for the great classes you are giving us. They are adding up to a string of pearls long enough to wrap around me ten fold."

--Sam G, Washington Township, NJ (HC46)

"I am within a month of finishing this course and I wanted to tell you how happy I have been with the program. I have some new Health Coaching Clients and I am starting to apply what I have learned. I can really see we have learned - A LOT! It is amazing to me how much is included in this course. Now that I have come full circle, the pieces are fitting together and the value of every module is becoming clear. Thanks to Mona and Anke for being great teachers. I am certain that by applying what I have learned and by continued application of the lessons, the information in this course will continue to prove its value for years to come."

--Debbie R, Murrieta, CA (HC42)

"As an astrologer, the client wants me to give direction. With coaching we are drawing the goal from the client. What I learned in our classes has changed my style of interaction to one of deeper listening and more sensitive responses to what I hear from either type of client. My astrology clients have noticed the differences and have let me know in subtle ways if not as a direct comment. The classes have been very worthwhile and cost effective in my opinion."

--Richard N, Delta, CO (HC60)

"I would like to thank Diane for the teacher that she is. She connected with each of us as who we are and as adult learners. I felt comfortable and understood in your class. I would like to thank each of my classmates for all that I have learned from them. When Diane said, at the beginning of our school year, that we would be getting to know each other well, I thought how can that happen through teleclasses. It has happened and I will miss our lively conversations twice each week."

--Jan S, Grand View, Manitoba, Canada (HC60)

"I want to let you know that HCT, in particular, HC53 was a fantastic course and an amazing, life changing experience for me. I am definitely operating with a whole new set of skills, greater awareness and a more profound sense of self appreciation, love and acceptance. While I am more focused on transformational wellness, more like a life coach, the fundamentals of the course and the specific information on health and wellness add greatly to my coaching, as well as my relationships with myself, family, friends and new connections. I look forward to where this journey takes me, because I know it will be more fulfilling and magnificent than what I dreamt in the past. Thank you from my heart."

--Robert A, Flagstaff, AZ (HC53)

"I'm so grateful to be in this course. It's as though we are artists painting a masterpiece. It's not only teaching me how to be a great coach but it's teaching me an entire program that will help me leverage my time, creativity, and income! Thank you, Jane, for all your positive support. I just adore you!"

--Audrey S, Jupiter, FL (HC66)

"As 'individuals' in our class, I appreciate you providing a great learning environment, a judgment-free safe place in which to exchange life experiences and creative ideas-- ideas from which we all can discover greater things about ourselves, and use this to assist others outside of class. From the bottom of my heart I want to pass to all of you a HUGE basket of thanks for being in this class; for being you; and for just being."

--Larry R, Peru, IN (HC31)

"Just wanted to say again how thankful I am to be a part of this process, having access to such an amazing source of knowledge and experience. I'm especially grateful to be a part of this exceptional class. Thanks for all the support, courage to share, and the "million dollar" pearls of wisdom!"

--Faris A, Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada (HC11)

"I am just amazed at how thorough the Health Coach Training Program is. Thank You, Diane, for all you provide us in class. Good Job to all of you!"

--Mary Kay T, Lawai, HI (HC53)

"This program is the HIGHLIGHT and the HOPE of my life right now! I get so pumped from our classes, Mona, and I am exhilarated at the progress and confidence I have gained as a result of the program, the materials and our class! Thank you.I thank God for putting Health Coach Training in my life!"

--Catherine P, Rye, NH (HC39)

"Enrolling in the HCT Program has certainly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Jane, thank you for making the training a truly memorable and rewarding experience. I am so excited about continuing the journey."

--Josee S, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada (HC50)

"Each class is a goldmine for anyone wanting to connect with the world. I haven't heard your brand of enthusiasm, Mona, in this context of group dynamics in ages. It's rare to find someone with your energy and skill and it's perfectly obvious why you are our instructor. As soon as I got the invite to the course every fibre in me said 'yes!!' and every moment in our class so far affirms that."

--Dr. John G, Melbourne, Australia (HC49)

"I am glad I chose this training program. You are sincerely interested in the success of your students. Thank you Hilton for dreaming big and thinking outside the box."

--Patty P, Denver, IN (HC47)

"The more I delve into the Health Coach Training Program and the more I study, the more excited I am.There is such a wealth of information for the small amount of money you are charging. Thank you again to the people responsible for marketing and determining the program/fees... it is of such great value."

--Jayne B, Hudson, Quebec, Canada (HC48)

"I just wanted to write a short note of thanks regarding my instructor's teaching skills and HCT's wonderful program. I've been very impressed with the information and the high quality of content. It's very apparent that you all have put deep thought and preparation into the program. Your forethought and insight has helped me gain tremendous confidence as a coach and your system has basically taken the fear out of it for me. Jane has made it all come alive! Her dedication and support are much appreciated. THANK YOU!! You've made my job a whole lot easier. Now I can confidently introduce my programs to prospects and give my clients the help and support that they need."

--Wendy B, Midland, MI (HC37)

"I want to thank you a thousand times and more for what you've brought to my life, it's been such a transformation and you initiated it when you said to me, 'Would you come out of your comfort zone?' The way you said it was so inviting, I didn't feel pushed to do it, it gave me the confidence to do it and from there I could walk on my own, open new's something that I won't forget. Debbie, you will be in the list of my favorite teachers that I never forgot as they gave me the main tools to grow. You are a model and I hope I can bring such help to my clients."

--Stephen L, Urciers, France (HC32)

"Each of you has inspired me and called out from my depths more than I ever thought possible; more than I thought could ever exist."

--Mary Ann K, Mora, MN (HC20)

"I have just graduated from Hilton Johnson's HCT Program and I have got to say this program exceeded all of my expectations and the value of what I have learned during my time in this class is far greater than the dollar amount I paid for it. The instructors are superb. The commitment and caring shown during the classes is several steps beyond anything I have experienced before. They are highly skilled at what they do and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The comprehensive curriculum covers every aspect of coaching and building a successful business. It was particularly useful for me as a coach and educator with no experience of marketing. I totally recommend this class as the most comprehensive health coach training class that I know of. The program provides all of the tools to take what is learned and turn it into a thriving business."

--Liz A, Miltitas, CA (HC24)

"Thank you for all your training, it's really been fantastic and I have learned so much about myself and how to deal with people in a more realistic manner. I realized that doing something like this has always been a passion of mine. My husband says I've always been doing it anyway, now I can get paid for it. And this way of coaching is much better as we are empowering people to come up with their own solutions, not just handing out advice. Hugs and Thanks!"

--Adrianne K, Haslemere, Surrey, UK (HC32)

"Thank you to Anke for your gentle guidance, mentoring, leadership, and teaching. You are an example we may all aspire to imitate. I believe each of us was drawn to Health Coach Training at the right time to join in class together, as we are truly a group in the same vibration. You have all shared so many gifts over the past year, and I thank each of you for helping me to grow and be more!"

--Karen S, Dillon, CO (HC20)

"Mona, I want to thank you for your sweet, considerate style in managing our group classes...I am learning a lot from just listening to how you conduct classes. Being a surgeon and pulling from 30 years experience in academic medicine and healthcare management, I tend to be less patient. I am loving this course, and I am looking forward to a second career as a world-class Health Coach thanks to you and Superman!!"

--Dr. Jim L, Birmingham, AL (HC29)

"The Health Coach Training Program was very empowering, freeing and life changing for me. Even my voice highly improved this year. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for everything! I sincerely want to express my highest respect and gratitude to Hilton Johnson, Dave and especially Kim, my instructor and mother of my empowerment."

--Christine B, Leigh Acres, FL (HC24)

"I didn't know if I could squeeze in two hours of classes each week when I enrolled in the Health Coach Program, but now I find I'm thrilled to add a third class (Special Interest Group). I just can't get enough! I am hungry to learn more so I can begin to impact people's lives with this life changing wisdom I've found in your method. Looking forward with anticipation to learning more."

--Debi C, Shawnee, KS (HC17)

"When I heard Hilton present the Wheel of Wellness as a demo of this program a year ago, I knew instantly that it was something I wanted to do...and was compelled to do. I had been 'teaching wellness' within the context of direct selling for a number of years, but always wrestled with the 'selling' context. This program has FAR exceeded my expectations. Most of all, I am grateful beyond words to have had the privilege of being a part of the dynamic of relationship that has been created in this program. And I am excited about being able to integrate and implement the learning as our relationships continue to grow."

--Jane C, Oak Park, IL (HC24)

"When I first enrolled in Hilton Johnson's Health Coach Training Program, I began to ask myself what have I done? I started to feel better as I attended the bi-weekly classes and I began to develop respect for all factions of this program. Little did I know how much business sense and support I would gain. Someone is always willing to help you, all for the asking. Thanks to you, Mona, and everyone for all the personal attention I have received."

--Susan M., Louisville, KY (HC59)

"Wow, what a program! I am very impressed with the internet health coaching program you've developed. I've been doing health coaching full time since 1992 and found it difficult to keep track of my clients and to whom I sent what info. This internet system has helped me to better manage the clients I already have plus manage all of the new clients I can now work with as a result of this program. Your program allows me to do more in less time (always a good way to go)!"

--Glen W, Colorado Springs, CO (HC7)

"I want to commend both Health Coach Training and Kim Southern, my instructor, for an outstanding program. I'm impressed with the extremely well-thought out modules and overall program design. Not only does the course provide extensive training in the skills needed to be an effective coach, but the several modules focused specifically around how to market and manage your business have been invaluable. I want to specifically applaud Kim for being an excellent instructor. She consistently challenges us to step out beyond our comfort zones so that we may truly become the Coaches we want to be, yet she does it in a way that is supportive and non-judgmental. This has been an amazing year for me in so many ways. I am now spending my time building a life and a business doing something that I am very passionate about. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about becoming a first class Health Coach."

--Debora R, Latham, NY (HC30)

"I'd like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all of YOUR efforts and diligent work during this past year...The amount of work needed to run a program like this is just monumental. You've delivered all that was promised, and so very, very much more."

--Philip Y, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (HC20)

"Jane, thank you for coaching me in class. I enjoyed our session very much and benefited from it greatly. The Health and Wellness Wheel is certainly a powerful tool for change and to achieve balance. I feel fortunate to have such a talented and experienced coach as our instructor."

--Andrea R, Orlando, FL (HC47)

"Thank you for being an exceptional instructor, Kim, dedicated to our success!! You're always wonderfully supportive, nudging us to take those scary steps into growth & experiencing accomplishment, and holding those visions you have of us until we could see them for ourselves. It has been a year long enjoyable learning experience and I'll miss our weekly classes."

--Dawn E, Abington, PA (HC38)

"As I reflect back on the year with the HCT Program, I know that I gained a great experience on a personal, emotional and physical level. Simply put, it was a fantastic journey with amazing people that each contributed to and were part of the group. I felt safe, surrounded by professionals with a great attitude and big hearts. I am stronger, taller and more confident now than I was a year ago. Thank you all! And Kim, thank you so much for your outstanding have created an everlasting impression on me with your patience, charisma, professionalism and great attitude."

--Elizabeth M, San Diego, CA (HC24)

"As a new graduate of Health Coach Training, I am thrilled with the result that I am experiencing using the coaching techniques and the HealthCoachingU website. The virtual office is an extra bonus for my clients. In fact, I mean that literally. I have created packages for my clients that include the HCU website and I offer it as an extra bonus if they pay for a coaching package of three months or more. It brings interest, credibility and most of all commitment to the process of coaching. Thank you so much for the awesome training and the professional Health Coaching website that brings additional value to my clients."

--Cynthia O, Alma, CO (HC18)

"I am really enjoying this program and with each passing week I grow more and more confident in my decision to finally launch my coaching business. I really appreciate the practical aspect of this program and Debbie's down to earth, relevant approach."

--Tim M, Oceanside, CA (HC35)

"Thank you all for everything you have contributed to my process of becoming a Health Coach. Your care is appreciated so much. What a great team we have all made. You have helped me overcome my inhibitions around shyness and interfacing with others--out of my hermit-like past state. Thank you for your support!"

--Robyn G, Nakusp, B.C., Canada (HC20)

"I want to let everyone know how thankful I am for finding Health Coaching and how grateful I am for having such wonderful classmates and instructors!"

--Sara S, Tifton, GA (HC31)

"The program and both instructors I was involved with were life changing for me. I listen to people in way I have never done. It enriches my life every day. Thanks for everything."

--Bob G, Seattle, WA (HC19)

"Being an introvert most of my life, it has taken me awhile to become comfortable with the idea of being a Health Coach (that is just me). I love the synergy on all of our training calls and the wonderful support from everyone in our class. It is so nice to be with like-minded people like our class! And, thanks to Kim and Dave for your instruction. Thanks everyone!"

--Sheri G, Castle Rock, CO (HC24)

"I'd like to thank both Jane and Dave for a wonderful year teaching and facilitating our health coach training course. I'd also like to thank all my classmates for a learning experience that will last a lifetime. I found my passion in coaching and this course has made me realize a lot. There are 3 things that stand out:

  1. What a great mastermind group we have in the class and we'll be able to keep that by staying in touch.
  2. How to make each coaching experience a unique learning experience for both you and the client.
  3. Helped me realize a clearer vision and what I bring to the table."

--Ramon A, Gilbert, AZ (HC19)

"Thanks to all who enlighten and inspire me. A bigger thanks to those who make me question and rethink my thoughts. When we step outside of our comfort zone, we grow. Thanks to all who make it possible."

--Diana S, Clearwater, FL (HC25)

"I am so happy right now. I feel that I have definitely made the right choice in training to become a Health Coach after seeing the impact that it has made in one of my client's life and health. This, in turn, gives me more confidence in working with other clients to know I can make a real difference in their lives. Thanks for all that you do!"

--Karen T, Margate, FL (HC10)

"What an amazing year! I am grateful for my instructors (Anke and Dave), Hilton, the Health Coach Program and website, and to have my classmates as partners in making a difference in the health and vitality of people throughout the world!"

--Deborah M, Palm Beach, FL (HC20)

"I would like to express how grateful I am to be a part of this program. After many, many (too many) years of college, I have gained more from this experience than I ever did in the classroom. Thank you."

--Patty H, Medford, OR (HC15)

"The Health Coaching Program has changed my life! I have discovered that I have so much more in me than I ever thought I had. I will be 65 years old in December and I am launching a whole new career. Your instruction, your mentoring and coaching are certainly a big part of my success and I thank you so much!"

--Jane S, Douglass, KS (HC2)

"I am so excited. I did my first Free Demo with the Health Wheel and then showed the HealthCoachingU website and showed some of the cool things available once one enrolls. The person LOVED it and she insisted on signing up on the spot. Very exciting (and it was so EASY - I did it just like we learned). Have another two free demos booked already this week."

--Cindy S, Acton, Ontario, Canada (HC7)

"I wanted to share some news with you. I have been working with a client since early January regarding weight loss. Since we have been working together she has tracked her measurements and she has lost over 9" all over in just over 3 months. She has had some meds reduced at her last doctor's visit and is feeling great. Since her previous visit to the doctor, she has lost almost 20 lbs. Because of the success she had, her doctor asked her if I had brochures available that she can hand out to her patients and if I have a referral program. I wanted you to know that because of my instructor, Dave Sheldon, Hilton and the entire staff, I am able to dramatically improve how I help my clients. There is a real sense of fulfillment."

--Suzanne S, Strasburg, VA (HC6)

"I want to thank you for all of your expertise and training you provided over the past year. There is no doubt I learned a lot, not only about health coaching but myself in the process. I am especially interested in the wheel, basic coaching model, stage coaching and changing for good. These concepts alone were worth the price of admission."

--Brian L, West Des Moines, IA (HC7)

"Financial Health Coaching is a new career for me. I love this program and the information is invaluable...Thanks...Cheers!"

--Bernie W, Torrington, AB, Canada

"The Health Coach Training Program was a dynamic and insightful year of specialized training and knowledge. The instructors were well prepared and passionate about their roles in our classroom environment. The group of virtual students developed a sense of community where we shared ideas and experiences freely. I am fully equipped and confident to enjoy a successful coaching program with my niche market as "working women who desire balance in their home and family life."

--Mary B, Denton, Texas (HC19)

"Thank you for developing such a fantastic health coaching program! You are playing a vital role in improving the health and wellness of many people.I appreciate all of your help and support with building my health coaching business. I am so excited about everything that is going on in my business. I am very grateful to have found this program. You are providing me with the tools, knowledge and support to live my passion."

--Debbie S, St. Charles, MO (HC13)

"Just wanted you to know it's been quite a year for me. Learning coaching has not only taught me the skills needed to 'coach,' but I feel that the personal development has changed me and given me the confidence needed to succeed in whatever I tackle. Thank you for all you've done."

--Ann B, Shellbyville, KY (HC2)

"I'm so grateful to be in this program. It gets better and better after each class."

--Sabine P, Brooklyn, NY (HC8)

"Things are going great for me. I love coaching people, and seeing their results puts me on top of the world. This Health Coaching Program has literally changed my life! I could never find the words to properly express my gratitude. Thanks so much!"

--Annette S, Federal Way, WA (HC10)

"I wanted to let you know how I appreciate this great program and how I realize, especially after last night's call, the intrinsic value this program has. The Virtual Coaching Office is an excellent tool, and the business guidance will enable me to systematize my business without me having to reinvent the wheel. I have already established a comprehensive business plan with three products/programs that will serve as back-end revenue streams."

--Marlene L, Winter Park, FL (HC12)

"The Health Coaching classes are helping me both personally and professionally."

--Terry S, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada (HC5)

"I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the training I have received in this program. This has been a wonderful experience & very helpful to me for many reasons. I especially appreciate the length of the program, the support & individualized attention each one of us has the opportunity to receive. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting twice per week for a year because it provided trust & intimacy as well as in depth study. I really felt supported & encouraged. Some programs are a few weeks long and then they leave you hanging out there to try to figure out the marketing, etc. for yourself. This training was detailed and multi-faceted. Jane is a wonderful facilitator! Her kind & gentle but assertive manner taught us so much about the coaching process from her example! I can hardly believe the year is almost over."

--Gloria C, RN, BSN, CCHt, Maineville, OH (HC27)

"Thank you for the AWESOME JOURNEY during this past year! Mona, your teaching and giving have been received and appreciated in a very profound manner!! To my unbelievable classmates, than you as well for all of your input and support. Each one of you impacted this class greatly!! Thanks again for the fantastic experience this program has been in my life!"

--Cecilia M, Hallandale, FL (HC25)

"I want to let you know how much I have appreciated being part of the Health Coach Training Program! The content was beyond my expectations - including Attraction Marketing as well as very comprehensive information about Coaching. Although I have gained much knowledge, I believe that it is my personal experience that has been impacted most profoundly. I have learned to listen more attentively, have more compassion and empathy, as well as to communicate more effectively as a result of the coaching training. I believe that I am a more well rounded individual as a result of this experience! This program is well worth the cost and the time commitment!! My thanks to you for making this experience possible!"

--Elizabeth C, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (HC31)


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