March 21 TeleClass: Jump on the Health Care Reform Express

Audrey Snow, HC66 Graduate, Jupiter, Florida

HCT Coaches: Jump on the Health Care Reform Express
Thursday, March 21, 2013, 8-9:30 pm ET


Health care reform might be your next best friend. By January 1, 2014, all Americans will be required to have health insurance or pay a tax. Understanding "The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act," how the market has already changed and how you can become a valuable provider in the avalanche of health insurance change is crucial. Exchanges are being established to provide employers and individuals with an online website, serving as a "virtual mall" to shop and purchase health insurance, wellness programs and other valuable benefits and services.


Exchanges will be offered by federal and state governments, and they will also be offered by the private sector, including insurance companies, insurance agents, consultants and employers to name a few. Will you be listed as a wellness provider on an exchange? How can this virtual mall help you leverage your marketing prowess as a Health Coach? To understand how you can ride the health care reform train all the way to the bank, don't miss this 90-minute teleclass. I will be sharing how to leverage health care reform to promote your coaching business and to expand your clientele, including:

  • Find employers who can benefit by and pay for your coaching services and programs.
  • Create strategic partnerships that can propel and broaden your business in the wake of health care reform.
  • Hear from HCT graduates who are successfully working with employers and other businesses already.
  • Learn how to compete in a "FREE" coaching services market and understand why this isn't working.
  • Use insurance company incentives to promote your business.
  • Use the 9.5% rule to your advantage to educate and to uncover dollars for your services.

Audrey Snow, HC66 Graduate, Jupiter, Florida
Professional Health & Wellness Coach
Independent Insurance Agent
561-523-8021 ET

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