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Take a peek into the world of Health Coaching here at HealthCoachTraining.® We like to profile our Students and Graduates in an effort to showcase their successes and to educate and inspire others like yourself who may be considering a career as a Professional Health Coach. We would love to hear your personal story. So don't be shy, please share it with us and please check back often for updates to our Community!

Grad Ventures

From Desperate Mom to Author and Health Coach
Beverly Butler, HC68 Graduate 2013, Tuscaloosa, Alabama & Miramar Beach, Florida

It started out as a normal evening back in May of 2002 when my husband and our daughter went out for a father/daughter night. That evening turned out to be anything but normal as our lives took a turn for the worst and have never been the same since. They were at a restaurant and had just started eating their dinner when all of a sudden our daughter started crying uncontrollably with a stomach ache. Read More

Media Spotlight

Finding Your Piece: 32 Principles to Help You Live Your Calling
Julie Corrine Audino, HC25 Graduate 2009, Lahaina, Hawaii

"One of the greatest arts is to be still and let it come to you."
-- Yogi Bhajan

It is so interesting that the greatest things in my life seem to have come to me out of nowhere. This quote is the perfect introduction to my new book Finding Your Piece: 32 Principles to Help You Live Your Calling. Finding Your Piece is presented in four sections: Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. Read More


Getting Traffic to Your Blog: SEO Made Easy
Barbara Schibly, HC74 Student, Plymouth Minnesota

Blogging can be an extremely effective way to attract new clients, but even the best-written blog posts will not do you much good if nobody finds them. One way of getting people to your blog is by using search engine optimization or SEO. SEO makes it more likely that search engines will find and list your post when someone searches for the topic that you covered in it.  Read More


Swimming Towards a Healthier Life & Fitness Camp for Kids
Corina Pierattini, HC76 Student, Plymouth, Utah

Five months ago, my family and I were living paycheck to paycheck. We were saying good-bye to my husband as he left for his third tour overseas and we were heartbroken to be apart from each other yet again. Here I stood with two very real choices placed before me. The first choice was that I could sink, wallow in my sorrows, stay in bed watching TV, crying and doing everything possible to forget about the pain... Read More


Use Public Speaking to Attract New Clients
Sonja Stetzler, HC45 Graduate 2011, Charlotte, North Carolina

Most people don't know that speaking is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to grow your business. In this presentation you will learn how to find the right groups to speak to, how to craft your presentation, and how to make your offer from the stage. Read More

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