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Take a peek into the world of Health Coaching with some of our graduates and current students. Check back often for updates!

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HEARTY THANKS to Trish Ellis who thoughtfully put together a touching "Smilebox" for her fellow August 2011 HCT graduates. You will be inspired as well! Click Here to Watch

HCT Coach and Stroke Survivor Improving Care & Saving Lives

Mary Nicholson, HC66 Student, Stockton, California

I facilitated a lunch and learn program in late February. The guest was a coordinator of a certified stroke center. The audience included paramedics, RNs, stroke survivors, business people and attendees from a variety of regional organizations. I knew that the speaker was going to discuss some of the triggers for a stroke, one of which is smoking. So, as I did the welcome and introduced the speaker, I took the opportunity to share the stages of change and talked about healthy change as a process. A local news reporter was at the program because the president of the school board had recently experienced a massive stroke. My introduction was also my way of sharing with the group that I am now becoming a Health Coach. Someone asked me for an appointment to help him take steps to reduce his blood pressure. The CEO of a rehab center said he looks forward to referring clients to me. Read More

Health Coaching for Heart Health Month

Joanne (JP) Pizzino, MD, HCT Graduate, Cary, North Carolina •, Raleigh-Durham & Fayetteville, North Carolina

Preventative medicine specialist and HCT coach Dr. Joanne Pizzino and one of her patients, Susan Cowan, got a change to talk with WRAL-TV News about ways to rev up metabolism for heart health. JP shared, "We got the TV spot arranged by someone who specializes in this type of marketing as part of a package of physician practice marketing we purchased last year. They did all the contacting and setting up the show. I was a bit disappointed that we were not given more structure to understand how it was going to go. We were told it was a live interview lasting about four minutes. This was a lot of pressure to include "the elevator speech" and details about our program. One of our biggest challenges is that improving health is not a "sound byte" type of story, as anyone who has attempted lifestyle change knows. Watch Video and Read More

Health Coaches Wanted for Australian Clients

Belinda Randall, HCT Graduate, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

As a nutritionist, I worked under the umbrella of an international corporation for five years. During this time, I was able to see first hand how anyone’s life can be improved by taking simple pro-active steps. It also became clear to me that the health industry was not providing organized results for employers and employees to achieve their best level of halth and therefore performance. Following the death of my mother from a stroke, which is a disease that is 80% preventable, I decided to start my own company working towards educating and coaching those who want a long healthy life, but are just not sure where to start and what to do. Read More

Selling By Attraction: Health Coaching and Mink Coats

Wendi Hatton, HC62 Student, Springfield, Virginia
February 17, 2012

I would like to share with you my experience in getting my first client this week! Some of you knew that I had entered a silent auction given by my local symphony. Local merchants donated their products and services for participants to make bids on what they were interested in and all proceeds were for the symphony. I decided to donate a month of health coaching. HCT teachers Kim and Mona helped me write a short "blurb" about my services that would sound inviting. I did not have any visuals like business cards, brochures or anything like that. So I was wondering if anyone would actually see the bidding card. Read More

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